Maintenance Video – How to fix a puncture

Here’s another great How To video from the boys at GCN. It always amazes me how many people who own a bike don’t know how to fix a puncture or don’t carry the essentials with them while out on a ride or while commuting to work. The essentials being a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a mini pump. Initially it might take you 10-15 minutes (or longer!) to fix your puncture but once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll be as efficient as a Formula 1 pit crew! This video is great for anyone who owns a road bike or hybrid with gears. It goes through a step by step process of taking the wheel out of the frame, taking out the punctures inner tube, checking the tyre, replacing the new inner tube and putting the wheel back in the frame. If you own a fixie or single speed bike the process is the same bar one thing – you will need to carry a 15mm wrench in order to loosen and tighten up the wheel nuts (See the video in our next blog). Take a look….

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