Choosing Bike Lights for your Fixie, Single Speed & Road Bike

If you’re looking to buy lights for your fixie, single speed or road bike or just looking to upgrade your current set, this video from Global Cycling Network will help you decide what lights you need. You can divide lights into two categories – ones to be seen and ones to see. If all your cycling is done around a city or a well light area, then your light choice should be based on visibility for other road users. Things to consider are being visible from the side as well as from the front and back and being visible in daylight hours.If your commute or training takes you onto roads that are unlit then your buying decision should be based on how well you want to see, ie how well the light illuminates the road. This is measured in Lumen. A good starting point if you want to cast a beam onto the road is 400 Lumen.You should also consider the strength of your rear light. Something with 50 to 100 Lumen will be visible in daylight hours as well.

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