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Should I choose a Fixie or a Road Bike with gears?

This is going to be a personal choice and only you can decide which style of bike is best for you! But here are some reasons why you would choose a fixie over a road bike:If you are using the bike over short distances (less than 10km) and the terrain is generally flat, then a fixie or single speed bike is a good option.If you want the most simple and purest form of cycling then choosing a fixed gear bike is the choice for you. As well as being very low maintenance, you will feel more connected to the bike.If you are planning on going on longer journeys or using the bike for fitness purposes then go with one of our road bikes. A riser bar will give you a more upright position while the drop bar will offer you 3 different hand positions.

What is the difference between a fixed gear (fixie) and a single speed bike?

This refers to the cog on the rear wheel. A fixed gear is where the cog is threaded onto the rear wheel and does not let the rider free wheel or coast. You must slow your pedal stroke in order to slow down. To ride a fixie, it requires practice but once you master it, you experience the most pure form of cycling and feel connected to the bike like no other.A single speed bike allows the rider to coast as the cog is part of a freewheel mechanism that threads onto the rear wheel.Our fixie and single speed bike come standard with a flip flop hub which allows the rider to alternate between fixed and single speed by flipping the rear wheel around. We will always assemble the bike as a single speed unless you request otherwise.

How Long Will It Take For My Bike To Arrive?

In general, off-the-shelf bikes that are in stock will be available to ship across Ireland and the UK within 1-2 working days.For a custom design, please allow up to 5-7 working days for delivery EU-wide.If there are any delays on this we will contact you by phone or email.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping to anywhere in Ireland. For countries outside of Ireland please send an email to to get a shipping quote for your country.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Of course we do! We will ship worldwide. For countries outside of Ireland please send an email to to get a shipping quote for your country.

How do I place an Order?

It’s very simple. If you want to purchase an off-the-shelf fixie or road bike, just select the model of bike and size you want and follow the instructions in the checkout area.If you want to create your own design, select an option from the Customise tab – Fixed Gear or Road Bike – and begin creating your dream bike using our bike builder tool. Once you are happy with your design, add it to your cart and continue shopping for accessories or proceed to the checkout.Don’t forget to share your design with your friends on social media!

Do I need an account to place an order?

You will need to create an account when you go to the shop and this will allow you to place your order.

How do I know what size bike I need?


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What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

What is the Bike to Work scheme?

The bike to work scheme is a government backed incentive to encourage more people to commute to work by bike. If you live and work in Ireland and pay PAYE income tax, you are eligible to apply for the scheme. Depending on what tax bracket you fall into, you could save up to 50% on a new bike.Your company needs to approve you for the scheme and they will then purchase the bike on your behalf. There after your gross salary is deducted by the cost of the bike and approved accessories. The repayments can be stretched out over a 12 month period.At Sona Bikes we are an approved supplier of Bike to Work Ltd, Ireland’s largest supplier of bike to work vouchers. If the company you work for hasn’t already signed up with Bike to Work Ltd, all it takes is a filling out a simple form on Bike to Work Ltd’s website

How Do I Track My Order?

When you login there is a tab at the top right of the screen where you can track your order.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

All queries should be sent to and we’ll respond to you quickly.

How will my bike arrive?

Your bike will arrive 90% assembled. Before your bike is shipped we perform a safety check and ensure that the brake pads are aligned, the chain tension is correct, tyre pressure is correct and all bearings are tight. For road bikes we ensure that all gears a shifting correctly.All you will need to do is attach the pedals, front wheel, handlebar and stem and adjust the saddle height. To do this you will need a 15mm wrench and set of allen keys.We recommend that you make these adjustments in the presence of a skilled mechanic or if you are unsure of the adjustments you made, any local bike shop will assure that the bike is assembled correctly for a small labour charge. Sona Bikes Ltd will not accept responsibility for injury or damage caused by negligent or improper assembly.

How Can I Return a Product?

If you wish to return your bike for any reason please contact us on to arrange the return.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order

If you wish to change or cancel your order before the bike is shipped please email and we will process the cancellation or change your order.If your bike arrives and you wish to change the bike for a different model or size, please contact within 14 days of receipt. It is important that you return the bike in the condition it arrived. This means the bike must not have been ridden and must include all of the original packaging in place. Once the bike is inspected and deemed in perfect condition, then and only then will a replacement be sent out.If your bike arrives and you wish to return the bike for a refund, please contact within 14 days of receipt. It is important that you return the bike in the condition it arrived. This means the bike must not have been ridden and must include all of the original packaging in place. Once the bike is inspected and deemed in perfect condition, then and only then will a refund be issued.Please note that any return shipping costs incurred are at the cost of the customer and will not be refunded.

What warranty is on my Sona bike?

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our Sona Frames. Components such as wheels, handlebars, stems, saddles, seatposts, cranks and pedals have a one year warranty. Other brands carry a one year warranty.If you choose to get your bike delivered, you will need to bring you bike to a professional mechanic in order to activate your warranty. You will need to show a receipt from the shop to state that the bike has been assembled/given a safety check by a mechanic.If you choose to collect your bike fully assembled, then your warranty is automatically activated.Our policy does not affect your statutory rights. Sona Bikes does not warrant against failure or damage due to misuse such as, but not limited to incorrect installation, poor maintenance, abuse or neglect, using the product for something other than its intended purpose, alteration of the product. Sona Bikes does not cover general wear and tear on tyres, inner tubes, brakes, brake and gear cables, brake pads, light bulbs, chain rings, chains, cassettes, rims, batteries etc. Corrosion and/or deterioration caused by material fatigue defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use will not be covered under warranty. After the initial 14 day return period Sona Bikes reserve the right to repair/replace any defective part under warranty. Warranty is non transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required with all potential warranty claims. Any item that is repaired or replaced under warranty will be covered by a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the original part. Usage during competitions, events, circuits or activities other than those for which the bicycle/component has been conceived will greatly reduce its useful life and is not covered under warranty. Costs incurred as a result of loss of use, as well as labor charges for part replacement or changeovers are not covered unless agreed beforehand with Sona Bikes. If a repair/replacement is not possible Sona Bikes reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value (colour may vary) or a partial refund proportional to the remaining life of the product. Always install, repair and use your product in strict compliance with the product’s instructions; failure to do so might damage the products and cause a serious accident.If you have any issues that are not as a result of a crash or misuse then please contact to get your issue resolved.

What if my bike arrives damaged?

If your bike arrives damaged, please contact along with the photo of the damage to the bike and any damage to the packaging. Please also include a photo of the shipping label.